8 LDS Baptism Gift Ideas

Baptism is a special day. Here are a few ways to keep the memory spiritual.

8 LDS Baptism Gift Ideas
8 LDS Baptism Gift Ideas
  1. Personalized scriptures (of course!)
  2. One-on-one time with mom or dad reading their new scriptures.
  3. A blessing journal (to record all the words when hands are laid upon their head).
  4. Photo album of everyone who attended their baptism.
  5. Gratitude Journal.
  6. Hand-written testimonies from family members, especially mom and dad.
  7. A framed picture to keep in their room.
  8. Prayers to see the difference of having the Holy Ghost.

It’s hard to choose between all of the scripture and journal option. Here is a gallery of our favorite baptism picks!

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